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Hancock County

JOBsolutions of Hancock County has just recently opened a new resource room designed specifically for youth participants. This facility is designated solely for youth participants interested in Job Search.

WIA  Youth Program

The Workforce Investment Act Youth program provides comprehensive services that emphasize the long-term development of youth ages 14-21.  Participation in  this program is voluntary and helps youth to become successful employees and members of the community.  The program is multifaceted and youth are given the opportunity to learn to create and achieve their educational and occupational goals.  Members may use any or all of the elements offered to complete their objectives.  Eligibility is based on household income and barriers to completing basic education and barriers to employment. 

                                                      Program Elements                                                                

Tutoring/Study Skills

·         Computer assisted Learning                      

·         Basic Skills Training

·         Credit Recovery

Alternative Secondary Schooling

·         GED Preparation

·         Computer Resources and  Library

·         Correspondence Classes

Summer Employment Opportunities/Work Experience

·         Paid and Unpaid Work Experiences

·         Job Shadowing

·         Internships

·         Job Coaching

Occupational Skills Training

·         Courses at local colleges or career centers

·         PET/Career Exploration Certificate Training

·         Exposure to post-secondary Education

Occupational Skills  (cont.)

·         STNA

·         CDL

·         Certifications

Leadership Development

·         Community Service

·         Volunteer Activities

·         Youth  Senate Group

Adult Mentoring

·         Business Mentors

Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling


·         Case Management

·         Referrals to Medical Services

·         Drug/Alcohol Abuse referrals

Supportive Services

·         Financial Literacy classes

·         Work attire

·         School supplies

·         Help with transportation

·         Other referrals


Please call Ashley at 419-429-8045 at JOBsolutions to see if this program may be right for you!


 Wood County

The Youth Employment Program provides services for county residents, ages 14-21, who need assistance with completing educational and employment goals.

Activities offered through participation in this program consists of:

  • Credit Recovery for failed high school classes
  • Individual tutoring
  • Employment seminars
    • Focusing on resume writing, interviewing techniques, job survival, etc.
  • Paid and Unpaid work experience
    • 3 to 6 weeks of work experience in order to allow the participant to experience the requirements of a work environment and an employers expectation. Many times this is the first opportunity for a participant to be in a working environment.
  • Life skills seminars
    • Budgeting 101…Financial literacy
    • Goal setting and decision making
  • Occupational Skills Training funding
    • STNA
    • CDL
    • Cosmetology
    • Etc.
  • Supportive Services
    • Assistance with work attire, tools, etc
    • Assistance with transportation (gas cards in some instances)
    • Etc.
  • Leadership Activities
    • These activities are designed to enhance the participants leadership skills, skills in working as a team, to enhance the concept of giving back to the community, etc.
  • In order to be a participant in our program, certain eligibility requirements must be met.
    1.     there  must be a financial need
    2.     interested applicant must meet at least one additional employment barrier to be discussed at the time of the application.

For further information, please contact: Theresa Davis, Youth Employment Program Coordinator at 419-354-9010 ext. 197.