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Meet Our Hancock County Staff

 Workforce Development One-Stop Operator

Carolyn Rodenhauser
Administrator JOBsolutions of Hancock County
  • Operations
  • Business Retention and Expansion
  • Rapid Response


Workforce Development

Jane Boes
Workforce Development, Assistant Hancock County
  • General JOBsolutions information and coordinator
  • Job fairs and meeting room scheduling
  • Job postings and coordination of
  • Access Point coordination
  • Job search assistance
  • Small business research center
  • Resource room for jobseekers


Workforce Development Specialists

Monica Ware                                       
Eligibility Referral/Workforce Specialist          
  • Project JOBS Coordinator
  • On-the-Job Training grants
  • Skills Assesssments and Testing
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program eligibility


Customer Service Representatives/State of Ohio

Maria Amador                                           Nikki Conley                                     Susan Wagner                                     Jerry Lugo              
  • Federal Trade Act Program
  • Provide Job Search Workshop
  • Personalized Job Search Assistance
  • Assist Employers with recruitment
  • Job Postings on


Veteran Representative

Ben Hopps
Veteran Representative, State of Ohio
  • Employment services focused on Veterans
  • Assesses and assists veterans for employability, retention, skills, education and aptitude


JOB Club Workforce Coordinators


Beth Fox                                                    Dan Roush                 
JOB Club Workforce Coordinators
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Skills Assessments and Testing
  • Ex-Felon Workforce Assistance
  • Interviewing Clothing Closet


Employment & Training Coordinator

Roger Fisher
  • Manage & coordinate employment and training programs
  • Ensure compliance standards


Youth Coordinator


Ashley Butler


Youth Coordinator, WSOS Community Action -- (Youth Program Ages 14-21)
  • Youth employment
  • Youth job readiness
  • Youth resource room


Family Advocate

 Joel Burg
WSOS Community Action -- Fatherhood CONNECTIONS Initiative
  • Fatherhood employment
  • Job training
  • Parenting/Life Skills
  • Economic education for families