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OJT National Emergency Grant At-A-Glance

Ohio’s OJT National Emergency Grant aims to place prolonged unemployed Dislocated Workers in
permanent jobs by reimbursing eligible employers for the costs of training the individuals they commit to
hire based on a percent of the trainee’s wages.

All workforce areas may submit requests for OJT funding on a first-come, first-served basis to cover
the cost of OJT contracts with local employers as authorized in the area’s OJT policy and subject to the
additional requirements summarized below link.

Summary of Policy Requirements and Program Design

Project HIRE/OLA and OJT NEG Comparison Crosswalk

On The Job Training OJT

NEG-OJT at a Glance

OJT Agreement

 Area 7 Workforce 

OJT Grant information and OJT vs. Project Hire information